Android O Developer Preview 2: Check Out What’s New Here

Back in march, Google had come up with Android O Developer Preview 1 and boom its back again with preview 2 at the Google’s yearly I/O developer’s conference. A new wave of enthusiasm has crossed the android lovers with this new version of android O. Setting foot in beta with developer preview 2 proves that Android O to be quite stable. If you have also waited for a long way to explore the innovations in Android O and can’t wait more, then here are the highlights: visual modifications, bug fixing, and notification dots. Well, well, well…..these are just the highlights, the list does not end here. Android app development companies Let’s take an in-depth look at what’s more to explore about android O developer preview 2.

Check Out Android O Developer Preview 2

1) Picture in picture

Most of you will be fairly aware of this one. For those who are naive to this feature, it allows you to manage dual task at the same time on your screen. To simplify it, you can access YouTube while searching for top honeymoon destination to visit. Google announced that they have featured PIP to encourage multitasking.

2) Notification dots

Notification aids the android app development company to track the activities in the app. It drives engagement and is built with the highly integrated notification system. Dot color from icon can also be altered. For most apps, these dots will work with zero efforts.

3) Quick settings rejuvenated


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One of the most dazzling alterations made in preview 2 is renovating quick settings. From the historical theme of white and black since lollipop, it has now shifted to gray. Other quick settings include the top left corner of the display occupied by the carrier and top right being taken over by time, signal and battery percentage. User profile editing, quick setting editing tabs, and shortcut settings have been transferred below the quick setting tiles. The date is also located down below to the left of the above-mentioned buttons which makes it flinty to spot it on instant basis.

Android O Developer Preview 2

4) Autofill feature

Wave goodbye to all password management apps, Android O is finally coming up with native support for all the apps for password management. Detailed discussion took place to watch autofill feature in action and here’s the time when we can actually grab and incorporate this attractive feature. To activate this autofill feature, you have to go to settings-system-language and input and then activate advanced section and you will spot the autofill service in the input assistance. Presently Google Play service is the sole distributor of this benefit but it’s high time to get this on android devices too with the launch of Android O. Well, don’t get your hopes this high, this is mere developers preview, hold your horses and let the developers accomplish their work.

5) Press the icon, select the widget

Here’s the new feature, easy and rapid access to the widgets with pressing the app icon long. If you have too many apps, each with several widgets, accessing them can be complicated and time-consuming but now eased with the introduction of this new feature. However, for now, this feature is only limited to the Pixel launched according to the 2nd preview of Android O.

6) Network rating provider with Wi-Fi preference screen

Soon those days will be history when user have to turn on and connect Wi-Fi whenever they enter Wi-Fi zone. With new features of Android O, just go to Wi-Fi settings and activate the advanced option under the Wi-Fi preferences screen. If you are nearby any network which is secured with its password saved, your device will Wi-Fi will be automatically turned on and get connected. Further, if you go and expand the advanced section you come across the option of network rating provider. The android app development team is not very sure about what it does but it is assumed that rated database’s network would be incorporated and you will be notified whether the network you are accessed to is secure or not.

7) Night light with intensity slider

This is featured in Pixel XL and Google Pixel and before their launch, OEM software was the sole user of night light intensity slider. The previous version of Android O and Android 7.1 allows changing night light only when activated. but with the advent of the second version, the intensity of color filter can also be altered. Well, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are still not in the league of intensity slider support due to hardware compatibility issues.




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