Choosing The Perfect Name For Your Mobile App

Mobile App Developers work differently. There are those who choose a name for an App before they have even developed it, check if the name is already taken on the Android and iOS markets, if not go ahead and reserve it and then start creating the App under that name. Then there are those who create the app first and does the name search later when they are ready to launch. Both processes are brought together by the need for a perfect name for their respective apps. How does one choose a perfect name for a mobile app?

Choosing Perfect Mobile App Name


Steps To Finalize Mobile App Name

Relevance of App with Business

A perfect name for an app is one that is relevant to the functionality of the app. There’s no point in having an app that has a name related to say cars, when the app is about fishing.  The name should be closely related to its functionality so users can easily identify the app, which is what every app developer needs for traction.

It should in one word describe what the app does. Very hard to do considering most names are already taken but can be done.

Simplicity of Mobile Application

Simplicity in a name means a lot of things. It means giving the App a name that is easy to read, spell, understand and pronounce. Without these, the users are bound to forget the app.

The perfect name should be so simple that when translated into another language, it’s not offensive, insulting or completely off base to those users. This is very crucial as it can lead to either support or alienation by groups of users.

Steps To Finalize Mobile App Name

Visualized Experience of Mobile App

I strongly believe in the power of words that conjure up images into one’s minds and take them to another sphere. If I hear for example the app name, Farmville – in my head I think of my grandmother’s farm, ploughing crops, fields and fields of corn, and so on. When I finally open the App and am not so far off, as a user am more likely to embrace that app. However if after the visualized experience in my mind that the app is about say prison breaks, am likely to leave the app immediately. A name that brings about the correct visuals in a user’s mind would be great.

Marketing of App

A lot of apps are marketed on digital platforms because that’s where they exist. A marketing campaign for an app would involve ensuring that the app can be easily found during searches.

It is therefore crucial that an app developer chooses a name that is somehow related to the top 100 keywords that people look up when looking for apps in the respective, specific category. This will ensure easy visibility of the app, as it will come out on the top during searches.

Of great importance here as well is the app’s URL for search engine optimization. An app name that contains special characters will be hard to work with and could result in an app failing before taking off.



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