Android Oreo Go is Ready to Go, Will it Succeed?

Back in the date at Google I/O, Google announced that Android Oreo will be launching its Android Go version soon. Well, the time is here. So, what exactly is Android Go? Well, it is the custom-made version of the OS specifically designed for the entry-level mobile devices. It would be great to see cheaper phones enter the market and give the great performance to the users. Well, the same attempt was tried back in 2014 by the Google but it didn’t work out. Android one was launched by the Google with a similar concept but it proved to be a failed attempt. This makes the launch of Android Go a bit more tensed.

It is not necessary that the history would repeat again. Android Oreo Go version is customized for the mobile devices which are in between 512MB to 1GB RAM. Mobile devices with such configurations are built to improvise the experience and give a high-level performance. The agenda of Google is to avail mobile computing to the enlarged number of people across the globe to make them tech savvy. The aim of this version is not just to entail web browsing capability but also to use mobile applications as well.

Android Oreo Go

What Google is trying to Android Go version is including custom Google apps which are smaller and size and lighter in functioning as compared to those versions which are installed on the devices with high and qualitative performance. Android Go is not a newer version to be precise, it is actually the smaller version of the Android Oreo 8.1. Android 8.1 is not really open and available for all the devices in fact just accessible by the Nexus and Pixel phones. Well, with Android Go, various functions will be accessible to basic level devices which were not available before. What else Google is doing for the entry-level devices is installing a special version of the play store which is highlighting the apps which gives excellent performance for the phones that are Go equipped.

The development of this version was initiated in 2016 only and it took a year to bring the idea into implementation. A lot of time was invested while undergoing Android Go version for checking out each and every aspect of the OS and not to discover any vulnerability post-launch. It should run well and without any hindrance on all the entry-level devices.

The major highlights of Go version are as follows:

  • Integration of core operating system for high-level performance.
  • An entire redesigned set of Google apps to function on this devices with features compatible to work with devices.
  • A revamped version of the Google play store which will portray the android app development for the Go devices.

Some of the examples of these which are already ready to use are Google Go instead of usual Google, YouTube Go, Files Go, Android assistant Go and many more. What these Go designed apps will do is take up 50% curtailed storage space than what usual apps take. An added benefit is that it will also work 15% faster than the usual apps. Also, the file size which General Google app cover on our devices is 62MB which is curtailed to mere 5MB for the Go version Google app.


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