How iOS6 Will Help You Deliver Better Apps?

Time today can be really scary for developers! There are upgrades and more upgrades that either make life a living hell for the developers or make life more exciting and get their creative juices running.

iOS 6 is not about scaring the living lights out of the developer.

Not only does it enhance the end-user experience, it also makes app development much easier for the developer. It is in essence to be embraced. Besides developers have to work really hard to keep up with all the technological changes to stay ahead of the game. It’s almost like the pharmaceutical industry – drugs are developed every year that society really needs and every pharmacist has to learn them. Apps have become a necessity that most of us couldn’t live without.

How iOS6 Will Help


iOS6 Will Help To Deliver Mobile Apps

The Passbook

Even though Passbook makes some current apps on the market obsolete, it has opened a platform where developers can play around with their creativity and bring to the market new apps that are in line with most of the consumers’ needs. Meeting consumers’ needs is where the money lies. Reminders to use loyalty cards would be greatly appreciated by consumers. Gone are the days when people frowned upon rewards or loyalty points, the more money the consumer can save or get back, the better.

Siri, better than ever!

Well, Siri is now more functional but the cherry on the top is that she now caters for more than one language, English that opens a huge market to tap into a wider potential customer base. She is also available on iPad 2 and naturally that means the world market is waiting for more, and new exciting iPad apps. From opening applications to tweeting messages, Siri has literally no competitor on the market and developers need to make their mark now, or never.

The ‘read it later’ option is a hit. Most people globally do actually appreciate opening a site and only coming back to read it later. iOS 6 has ensured that its Safari Upgrades offer this functionality.  But even more exciting is the web kit available for developers to help them when creating audio for web applications.

How iOS6 Will Help

Be precise, be the best! Optimized Apple App store

Preciseness for developers in describing their apps and their screenshots are now a must. Even though this sounds like too much to ask for developers, most who don’t have a marketing background, it means they get to understand a bit more about getting the user’s attention within seconds. The better the screenshot and the better that app description that it comes up in the top 10 search results, the more traction it gets. Another catchy thing is keywords for the app; Apple has optimized its search for keywords in order to get best result for words searched for Apps. So it is advices to choose your app description and keywords wisely in order to get your app in top 10 List.

What Apple has done for developers with iOS 6 that everyone overlooks are the free ads they get. It benefits both Apple but personally, I think more the developer. They get exposure on a platform that has more than millions of users. No developer would ever have a budget to reach a million global customers except for a handful.

So I would like to conclude that Apple has bought so many features to it iOS 6 as many as more than 200 which make things you do every day better.



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