Apple Bans Its Messaging Payment Apps

It’s quite blatant that there have been some issues going on between some of the biggest banks of Australia and the world’s biggest and most reputed tech tycoon, Apple. iPhone app development companies recently had a flair of joy with the news of payment through chatting apps. The payment was quite eased up and simplified with this feature. Well, but, the recent updates have turned the tables on. The news came out when the iPhone executives ordered the Westpac to cut off its new feature of mobile app banking which it recently updated. This feature entailed the mobile app users to make payments through popular chat apps.

The news came out from the letter sent to the customers where there was Revelation that from July the Westpac keyboard function will be removed. This clearly signifies that the hot plan to allow the users to pay through popular social media sites like Snapchat, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is no more in implementation. The plan was close but there’s no cigar.

This happened right at the time when banking sector was focusing and targeting on the young crowd and enabling them with the options of banking through the mobile apps which they already have and which are ingrained in their life from head to toe by taking the gigantic tech tycoons like Apple, Google and Facebook in the loop.

Apple Bans Messaging Payment Apps

This feature by Apple was a game changer one as it empowered friends to send and receive money through messages without any hustle bustle of card payments or cash codes or the long walk to ATM to withdraw amounts. Well, it was a boon to the lazy breeds along with for those who always run out of time and have an immovable busy schedule. To a huge disappointment, this feature is not coming the way any long.

The basic reason thought to be behind this backdrop by the Apple is that the Apple is ahead of time and Android app development company have not come up with any such feature. Well, they intended to work on it though and come up with this very soon. Some other grounds which pulled the legs of Apple back is security concerns. Well, Apple had few of them in mind and Westpac addressed the similar ones in their due course of usage. Security should be top-notch when any financial transactions are involved. Any flaw with that can prove to be devastating which Apple doesn’t want for sure. Apple decided to put off its new feature for now to resolve the security issues. App developers are directed towards usage of payment functionality in its own iMessage app instead of making use of its rival services.

If Apple continues with this feature, neglecting all the security flaws it had then if something goes wrong with any user doing the transaction with any financial institution then the one who is blamed and held liable is Apple. Apple fairly understands this situation and that’s the reason it kept the decision on hold. There were questions in the town whether they are going to launch it in the near future or not to which Apple announced that they are not interested in revealing their future products. People will know when they need to know.


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