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App Promotion – Beware of These!

App Promotion - Beware of These

Once the app goes to the market, as developers we try all marketing and promotions stunts we know. Our hired marketing team suggests a way to create a buzz around our app and hopefully turn all of that into a successful app.

Beware of Activities During App Promotion

Purchasing Endorsements

It’s great to have an app that is endorsed by credible individuals in the industry. Not all credible individuals or journalists are where they are because of honesty. Some might have broken a few rules that no one is aware of, or those who are aware of such misconducts don’t speak publicly about it. You could however be the unlucky developer who they finally tell on, even after they have received the money to endorse your app. That leaves you in the gutter, credibility gone.

Fake Reviews

This is a very common one. When all the reviews on your app are mostly from ‘anonymous’ people, real people will start to wonder. However should the app stores pick up that your reviews are actually by you or your friends posing as anonymous individuals, your app will be booted out? Make no mistake; even though app stores are competitors they do share information on rogue developers – so they don’t fall prey to scams. If you can’t sell apps then why develop them. Word travels fast and that might even affect your current career in case you were still developing apps in your free time planning on resigning once you had a nest to fall back on.

App Promotion - Beware of These

Failing to do marketing research and to question everything

Marketing and promotion might not be your strongest points; that’s why you have to rely on marketing experts to guide you. Before you get your money wasted, do your own research and understand if the promotions person or company you are hiring actually has experience in the mobile app industry. You should know what they are doing and not just winging it. Ask your promoter, yourself and users as many questions as possible on the promotion strategy in front of you. Understand your target market and if you are not sold on answers, hold back – don’t jump into a dark pond with both feet at midnight with your eyes closed. A better understanding of all these will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Ignoring advertising and promotion guidelines on social media platforms

Ignorance is not bliss when you want your app to succeed. Before you rush to promote your app for free on social media platforms because you aren’t spending any money; understand the promotion guidelines and then act. Again, you could end up booted from that specific platform.


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