Android Finally Unleashes Paper Monsters To Catch Up With iOS

January saw a release of ‘Paper Monsters’ by iOS. After a long time, the game is now available on Google Play since the Android version has finally been unleashed.  ‘Mario’ and ‘Little Big Planet’ are two of the world’s greatest games setting a platform for other games to match up with though none has taken over as yet. There are several pipes, mushrooms, costumes, bomb characters and various things in Paper Monster which totally reminds of those two games.

Paper Monsters has been developed by Crescent Moon Games with a papery environment and characters. The game comes to you with cutesy 2.5D levels which are colourful and pin-sharp. A brief comparison is as follows:

It is called 2.5D as it is a 3D side-scrolling game which is basically rendered in 3D with action in two planes. In the game you play as a robot made of cardboard boxes whereby your goal is to collect as many buttons and paper clips that come along your way. At each level there are monster characters you have to escape and collect the silver and gold buttons which later help you customize your character.

Android Unleashes Paper Monsters

Android Paper Monsters

Over and above the buttons you are also required to look out for the hidden paper clips in each level. You come across various enemies which can be killed by jumping on and the rest which don’t die have to be avoided. There are land levels and underwater levels with various obstacles at different levels which you need to overcome.

In the initial levels the game seems childish and a bit dull but as you cross to later levels the game can challenge your playing skills and become fun. The game comes with four modes – one is the main story and the other two are called Punkin’ Time and Heartbreak Shakedown which are seasonal packages which released on Valentine’s Day and Halloween. In addition there is a mini game Drag ‘N Dash as well.

With a 3D theme, Paper Monsters has boxy, low polygon looking characters which are made out of paper. The background score of the game is amazing but the sound effects aren’t that exceptional considering the developer of big games.

Paper Monsters is worth a try and total value for your money with the fun factor in it.


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