FAQ about iOS devices’ UDID

Some Of The Important FAQ about iOS devices’ UDID

What is UDID?

UDID stands for Unique Device Identifier
– Apple uses UDID which is a series of numbers and letters and developers to uniquely identify iPhone, iPod and iPad.
– Your iPhone can only install programs that are approved by Apple.
– Applications in the App Store have been approved by Apple for general distribution, but beta customers get to try the app before it’s in the store.
– We register UDID with Apple so they can approve our application especially for your iPhone.
– UDID needs to be registered with apple’s developers program to run beta versions of iOS and need to be included in developer’s provisioning files to run Ad Hoc Apps.
(Ad Hoc Apps mean “A way to distribute apps outside the app store. Limited to 100 UDIDs (devices) per developer account.”).

How to get UDID? 

First of all, download latest version of iTunes and connect your device through cable. Now you can view iPad/iPod details in iTunes.
Details like: Name, Capacity, Version and serial number will be given.
When you click on serial number, it will automatically generate UDID.
You can follow this article for steps to find UDID of your iOS device.

FAQ about iOS devices' UDID

How to activate UDID?

A user can search the website where they can activate UDID.
After successful completion of payment, they will send you an email once your UDID is registered, confirming your activation.
And it might take up to 24 hours depending on delays. Apple doesn’t provide an API for UDID registrations so we have to do each one by hand.

How to Get UDID for Security: Need for UDID/why do we require UDID?

Every mobile device has a unique serial number/social security number that identifies it to the mobile network. For iOS devices UDID (Unique Device Identifier) is used for the security purpose. A user can easily get UDID for device using easy steps. A user can get using iTunes software. Before connecting iPhone, a user needs to install iTunes software on his PC. You can follow this article for steps to find UDID of your iOS device.

The UDID is a 40-character string unique to each iPhone device. The UDID is needed for ad-hoc distribution applications. Typically you will need to e-mail the UDID to the application provider, so they can generate an ad-hoc mobile profile for your device.

Some applications (Beta Application won’t have Apple approval and so won’t run on device: the UDID is used to get an authorization from Apple to allow this app to install on device.

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