Finding Press And Blog Contacts For Your App

When your app hits the market or just before it does, you want to create a buzz around it. But how do you get to do that if you can’t afford a PR team? Because let’s face it, a lot of press contacts out there, prefer receiving stuff from publicists as they can blast them even with insults if they feel they are being sold nonsense but wouldn’t do that to the app developer, so then they avoid the developer. However, on the other hand, there are press contacts that like to speak to developers directly without the ‘brokers’, the PR machines. So in other words, you can find press or blog contacts on your own.

Press And Blog Contacts For Your App

Local Newspapers

By reading newspapers on an ongoing basis whilst developing your app, you will have an opportunity to understand the tech or lifestyle reporters who would most likely warm up to your app. This also means that when you finally pitch to them, you know how to sell your app to them in a newsworthy way and not necessarily as a press release. Any PR professional who is good at what they do, understands that it’s not always about how good an app is but it’s what it can do that newspapers’ readers. So if you have a productivity app, there’s no point in understanding a trade newspaper tech writer who focuses on say energy efficient articles for a non – mobile app industry. Focusing on say business newspaper writers is what would probably get you what you want. Go to the newspaper website and get the detail of the journalist you are targeting or call their office line and get their email address, it’s that simple.

Syndicated News Writers

If you have an international app and you need it to get further than your country then it’s time you start paying attention to authors/journalists’ names in your local newspapers or on digital news platforms. When you see news with by lines such as Reuters, IFP, AP; among others, you know that finding a local press contact for such news agencies means one story or review on your app… could end up on almost every continent in the world! News agencies sell news to a lot of countries and depending on which one you opt for you could have global reach for your app very fast. Again all this info is readily available on most of these news agencies’ websites.


Do a search and start reading, commenting and following blogs you want to be featured on. Communicate with the community that you would want to be a part of your app. Most blogs have contact details, so saying this one is hard is nothing but sheer laziness.



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