HotSpot Creator – A Good Idea?

A WiFi HotSpot creator allows a user to share his network connection with other people. With the HotSpot creator, the mobile or the computer which is connected to the internet becomes a WiFi router in itself. It then allows others to access the web through that virtual router. Thus, with this technique, a broadband connection can be shared with an unlimited number of users at once. These hotspots are most commonly used in the public places like coffee shops or in other urban establishments.

There are numerous applications created by different application entrepreneurs about the hot spot creator. The main purpose of all of them is to provide a way to use the internet services to all the people in the vicinity through an internet connection. However, there are certain points which must be considered by the app developers before creating such apps.

  • Security: The biggest threats to a device while using a hotspot connection are the security issues. As these are public connections and can be used by anyone as a WiFi router, it may be possible that they are infected with alien programs. Thus, an application developer must make sure that his hotspot creation app is 100% secure. This can be done by having an anti-malware security sheath in the app.
  • Installation: The HotSpot application should be of the “easy-to-install” type. Not only this, the use of the app should also be swift. It means that it should always have a dedicated button to turn the hotspot on and off so that the user can quickly do the needful. The installation should take minimal effort and the use should take minimal hassle.
  • Strength: The difference which sets the good WiFi apps apart is the signal strength they provide to the user. While using a hotspot connection, the app should yield maximum signal strength so that there can be quick and swift internet use by the device. However, the strength of the hotspot may depend upon various other factors as well but on the whole; the application should strive to provide strong signal strength.

The WiFi HotSpot creator is obviously a very good idea for an application. However, it should also be viewed with certain negatives and warnings. The persistent security issues with such interfaces may be fatal to the device being used. Also, it is complained that they drain the battery power of the device very quickly. If these glitches can be removed from the hotspot applications, then this can prove to be a highly beneficial idea for the application entrepreneurs. An efficient, cheap and secured WiFi HotSpot app is sure to receive a high number of downloads and can help many people to access the web during emergency.


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