Mompreneurs: How Do They Maintain Work and Personal Life Balance?

Moms are the real superheroes and you can’t counter question this statement. Managing home and kids is not an easy-peasy job and when they run a successful business alongside, it’s like adding a feather to the cap. Your face remains wide open when you see a person juggling with different balls and not letting fall any of them. Entrepreneur moms are also jugglers, their props are a bit different. They juggle with home maintenance, cooking, husband, kids, business, clients and yes they also don’t let anything fall. I know it was a weird comparison, but I have another one to share.

When I was a kid, I was always afraid and fascinated by the see-saw. It balances the two persons sitting on both the ends perfectly and don’t let anyone fall. Moms do the exact same thing, it creates a perfect balance between their kids and her work and excels at all of them. There are a plethora of thoughts running through your mind whether it is not the right time to become an entrepreneur or whether you are too young for being an entrepreneur. Well, it might look simple to write and easy to read but actually doing it is not that simple or easy. I admire and adore what Mompreneurs do which brings me to write this article. Here are some of the tips that help Mompreneurs to create a proper work-life balance.

1) Let it Go

I know the tune might be playing in your head, a nice tune from Frozen I must agree. Well, yes, being a Mompreneur, you must act like this tune and let things go. Women have a tendency to get tangled with the small things. If you want all things to get done smoothly, you have to set aside your perfectionist side and go with the flow.

2) Burn Your Mom Guilt

Moms are humans after all. You can’t do everything right. Mistakes are part and parcel of the life. You might be under pressure to travel out of the town for a meeting and in that rush, you forgot to sign your kid’s school diary. It’s alright. It’s no big of a deal. Moms are the caregivers of the family and they are under so much pressure to do it and do it right for all of them. They might skip a meal, but they will never forget to pack their kid’s lunch. So, you skip something about your kid then it’s alright. You don’t need to burn yourself under the mom guilt. Your kids will understand your situation. If you are under constant worry what will your kid be doing, how will he manage, should you be there at the moment with him, then you are neither going to make big for your business nor for your kid.

3) Plunge Priorities

In certain circumstance, you need to be present as a mom and in certain you need to be present as an entrepreneur no matter what. Don’t be stubborn or rigid about your priorities. Plunge on the right priority at the right time. If its a health issue of your kid, you need to set aside work, but while he is resting or sleeping you can do your work as well. This way you don’t have to compromise on either of your duties.

4) Get Your Kids to Work

Well, everyone needs help and you too. If you are doing so much for your kids, you can ask little in return. You are an entrepreneur, allotting work to employees is your routine, but when it comes to mommy thing you will think twice. Stop thinking, start giving. The work must be age appropriate, paying electricity bills, gas bills, room cleaning, and such teeny weeny work you can get done by your kids. You can treat them with gifts or a fancy dinner or shopping to keep them happy and save you from the guilt feeling.

5) Utilize Holidays

As a mom staying healthy and keeping your family healthy is one of the biggest responsibilities you have. Entire week you are working with sheets of paper, clients, laptop, and figures. If it’s Sunday, it’s time to work with veggies, microwave, stove…to cut it short with kitchen. Plan your entire weekly meal on Sunday and make preparations right on Sunday as weekdays are packed with sheets of paper and files. If its grains, beans or broth, you can cook them in advance and store them to consume in the weekdays. Chopping veggies and packing them week wise can also be done on Sunday to save your cooking time during your hectic work week.



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