LinkedIn’s New Intro App

An Overview
The new intro app of LinkedIn has created major security and privacy concerns which have become a nightmare for the users. LinkedIn focussed mainly on mobile phones over the last few years, and recently in San Francisco, CEO Jeff Weiner stated about how they had designed an application for iPad which will help LinkedIn win over more viewers.

What’s New?
The company has initiated the LinkedIn New Intro Apps. This helps to incorporate all the information right into Apple’s email application. The app has the capability to drag the LinkedIn profile of the user who is working via the mail app to the mail application. The app is compatible with Gmail, Google Apps, AOL mail, Yahoo and even iCloud. Through the local Apple email apps, this new application allows the users to take a look at LinkedIn profiles of the senders of the mail. Those using Outlook 2013 are offered similar functionality and even those who are using older versions can get the same functionality by simply downloading the plugins.

What’s Special?
When this tool was launched in the market, security researchers stated that it is highly insecure because it intercepts emails in order to incorporate LinkedIn information into them. LinkedIn has assured its users that the company will investigate about every possible technique of attack, and will do everything to secure and protect the tool from those assaults. The email tool basically does the same thing as LinkedIn Intro. It synchronizes up with your Gmail account to give you rich contact information from services just like Facebook, Twitter and other social media system.

What You Can Learn?
Quite simple, many app entrepreneurs have to deal with the question of privacy when making their apps. This app by LinkedIn provides an innovative solution to the problem.

App entrepreneurs can learn from this app which has great features but innumerable privacy concerns which has created a bad mark in the app market. So, while developing the applications utmost care to privacy must be given because no user would like to use an app that will arise security issues.

Useful Information for Developers While Developing Apps:
There are a lot many things that have been said about the LinkedIn’s new intro application implementation. However, we need to take a look at few of its aspects to understand the app better. New app developers have to make sure that the app they develop is both safe and stable.

  • You need to perform better on the superficiality and internally-facing services.
  • You should take suggestions from a well-reputed security consultancy; perform a step by step code review of the credential handling and mail parsing or insertion code.
  • You should make sure that you have the correct monitoring in place to identify any potential attacks, respond quickly, and instantly minimize exposure.


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