What Makes iOS 8 An Ideal App Platform?

iOS 8 is geared to re-define the way we deal with apps on our smartphones. It’s smart, responsive and severely user-focused. All this is because Apple has become a little open minded towards third party app developers to lend their expertise.

How much of this will be impactful, is yet to be seen?

For now, let’s take a look at 3 improvements in the new iOS 8:

Top App
Joe Braidwood, Chief Marketing Officer, Swiftkey, announced in a statement that he is extremely happy to see SwiftKey Keyboard App, after being launched on iOS 8, claimed top position in the charts.

The popularity of Swiftkey is due to the fact that it is free and intuitive. The app boosts user experience with an awesome predictive typing functionality. Frequent usage of the app allows the app to offer more accurate predictions, based on individual typing patterns.

This free app offers some interesting tricks which are not found in the iOS 8’s default keyboard. For instance, it lets users enter characters by simply swiping them, across the keyboard.

According to a blog post, Swiftkey crossed 1 million downloads in less than 24 hours. In addition to hitting the number one spot in the US free app charts, just after its launch. This explains the popularity of the app among users.

Cool New App
Launcher is the iOS app, exploiting the improved features of iOS 8 in interesting of ways. It lets you create one-touch shortcuts to a variety of third-party apps and common actions, like calling, texting, to name a few.

It even connects you with a number of other apps, letting you add shortcuts for anything you have installed on your phone. Even including  Apple’s pre-installed apps such as the iTunes.

Launcher provides a customizable widget where you can create shortcuts to your most-used applications and the other sorts of things you have to do on a regular basis for instance call your office colleague, post a tweet and so on.

Once installed users are prompted to customize their apps and actions via a simple configuration screen. Here, you can configure shortcuts to make calls, message and email to just about anyone.

Enhanced App Communication
Apple added smart widgets to its new iOS 8. Apple’s widgets are nowhere close to Android, in any sense. Apple uses its widgets more so, like enhancements to its Notification Center.

The purpose of Apple’s widgets is to boost app communication, including third-party apps. They are great time-savers, designed to boost performance while maximising ease.

iOS 8’s Notification Center will offer you  quick access to third-party apps. For instance, users can quickly interact with any app, without having to actually open it.

iOS 8 lets users respond to events even from its locked screen, via improved Notifications. You may easily work with let’s say, text message notifications, from any other app you might be working on.

In Summary
iOS 8 is bigger, enhanced and highly productive. It has introduced an array of apps to push user experience to the next level. The subtle changes are all implemented to help you save effort and time in meaningful ways.


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