How to Successfully Generate Revenue with iOS App

Almost half of the global consumers now get connected to businesses with the help of mobile phones. The business community knows that and thus almost every small, medium and big company is looking for opportunities that an app can deliver to them.

On the other hand there are more failed apps than the successful ones. 95% of apps lose their users in the first three months after installation. Of course, they also lose the revenue.

Seeing users go is painful and losing revenue is discouraging, particularly if it’s for an iOS application. Businesses and app developers can avoid this situation when they take data driven-approach helping them in growing mobile app revenues. Here are 4 tips to do that.

Get quality users to your app

All that matter for the success of an app isn’t just the number of users installing it but it’s also the quality of users who will drive engagement and of course generate revenue. Most of the app-marketing and app-promotion campaigns are focused on driving large number of users. But it’s seen that such campaigns generally provide business with low-quality customers who are not interested in generating revenue to the app.

So keep your app-marketing and app-promotion campaigns focused to get quality users.

Avoiding app-install fraud

With increasing iOS app marketing, the number of fraud app installations has also increased. There are reports saying that fraud-installs are causing damage of billions in every single year. Hijacked mobile devices are used to carry out the fake installations to an app. Now iOS app marketers are demanding from vendors to take required action to overcome this.

Engagement of post Install Application Advertising

Previously, iOS app developers rewarded on the basis of number of installs and long term usages of their apps. Now things have changed. iOS app marketers say that the performance of app is now measured on revenue, not on the number of installs, regardless an app is free of paid. This is why businesses and developers need to follow the users are willing to spend.

Implementation of Mobile Marketing Automation

A number of iOS app developers are now looking to add features like push notifications and CRM to app as a mean of keep generating revenue. Mobile marketing and automation companies develop and deliver message and push notifications easily and more personal manner. Now they have also started using mobile marketing automation platforms.

This information is brought to you by expert iOS app developers.



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