What Should Be The Risk You Should Take When Making An App?

While developing something new, be it a product, a website or an app, you have two routes you can take – either you play it safe or you go all in. Playing it safe will of course reduce your risk and ensure a certain amount of revenue.

But Do You Just Want To Breakeven Your App Cost Or Do You Want To Make It Big?

Of course you will have to risk your money and your time and you may not necessarily succeed. But keep in mind not only will being different, unique and taking risks give you satisfaction it might just make you a millionaire!

Risks When Making An App
So, What Are The Risks One Should Take?

Being Minimalistic
The new apps in the market these days are packed with features, most of which we don’t even use. The key is to ensure that your app fulfills its functions in the best way possible and only putting features that people will use. Save your time and money the easier it is to use your app the more number of people will use it.

Choose A Different Niche
We all know that social media and gaming apps make the most money, but they also have the maximum competition. Try and look at a niche that does not have many apps, understand why the apps in that niche are popular or infamous and then build your app.

Identifying Trends
Trends tell you what’s hot, trend spotting will help you identify what people want. But the problem with trends is that they come faster and go even faster. So your app maybe really popular for some time and then its popularity may decline! So what should you do?

The key is to identify a trend and understand what people will want, give it some context and then give it your own unique and different touch. Let’s take for instance, the new app that is on everybody’s smart phones – WeChat. WeChat offers a feature where you can chat with people who are within a few kilometres of your range. It only discloses your username and in many ways is like anonymous chatting. So, why is WeChat the new ‘it’ app? Well, because they identified the problem people faced while chatting on social networking websites – where the other person had access to one’s personal information.

Start From Scratch
Most of the time all your app needs is a minor bug fix. But when facing too many complications and errors do not hesitate to start over. If you think your interface can be made more unique more interesting go ahead, wipe your slate clean and start again. It is a big risk but it will indeed give you good results.

Breaking All The Rules
Break all the rules! An app will sell only when it is unique. So don’t limit yourself and do not follow the rules that everyone else follows. Go with your gut. Be different.


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