Xbox Smartglass Application For The Entire Range Of Apple Devices

Today, Microsoft has launched the Xbox Smartglass application for the entire range of Apple Devices right from the iPhone, iPad to the iPod Touch, iPad Mini. The app basically functions as an extra sensory depiction which turns your Apple device into a virtual additional screen letting you remotely control your Xbox to a certain extent.

The application also has the inbred virtues of being absolutely user-friendly as it lets you play and make changes to your video and music files and also browse the internet. Also being completely integrated with the Xbox- it allows for complete functionality as typing on the iOS device in turn gets transmitted to the Xbox.

Allowing you to use additional performance bits to watch TV shows or play dual-user games, Xbox for Apple devices act as another remote as one user can use the controls on the Xbox and the other can play directly from the iOS device. With additional features such as the ability to edit your Xbox profile, change your online avatar and chat on-the-go with your friends, the advanced integration of the two devices will definitely be a rage amongst the ever increasing Apple user base.

Xbox Smartglass for Apple Device

Before this, Apple had released the SmartGlass for Android which provides exactly the same set of power packed features as launched for the iOS today. The future of this technology promises to be paramount as it will eventually be a huge step forward in turning Smartphone’s and tablets into second screens as well as controllers.

As more and more variations of this technology are showered onto the residual devices with complete software integrations, the need for interconnectivity and multi-player games and applications is significantly expected to rise. The Smartglass application thus is not the last word, but rather an exciting foreword in the scheme of many grander technological innovations to arrive.


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