7 Rules To Evaluate Your Custom Logo Design For Branding Plans

Evaluate Your Custom Logo Design

Are you working on your business logo? 


Have you decided to have a pictorial logo or are you planning to go with wordmarks with the correct color scheme and all? 

No idea where to start when designing your professional logo design? Well, there are certain rules to follow to have a perfect custom logo design. And we’ve jotted down the key ones here in this post (below). Come, let us share with you these golden rules to evaluate your custom logo design and take your branding game a notch up. 

Logo Style

There are free tools that offer various logo templates but we never recommend using them. If your logo is easily labeled as a generic logo, it won’t be able to do any good for your brand. Instead, you must plan carefully what kind of business logo do you need. 

In order to have a fantastic logo that beautifully complements your business and work ethics, you must know about the different logo styles. From emblems to work marks and even pictorial logos all are in trend and you can consider these different types for your professional logo. Just keep in mind that if you’re starting out your company, not many people know you already so choose a wordmark or letter marks (at least). Because pictorial or emblems are associated with those brands that have established a market for themselves already. 

Color Scheme

The next rule, in quest of having a professional logo, is to work on your logo’s color scheme. This logo color guide will help you. Colors impact our mood and help us develop a perception of things. For instance, warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange are associated with aggressive or happy emotions. And, on the contrary, the cool color sets such as green, blue, and purple all are related to calm feelings. This information may not appeal to you as a layman but it does impact a viewer’s ability to develop a perception of different things. 

So, if you want to make your custom logo design appealing to the masses, you must select a color that goes with your branding plan such as Baskin Robbins did with its Raspberry pink and Honolulu blue color combination. 

Brand Message

Some brands make the best use of the negative space in their custom logo design. For example, brands like FedEx and Baskin Robbins included a hidden message into their logos to denote either the product quantity or the business values. Where FedEx has a moving arrow the Baskin Robbins proudly invites its consumers to taste its 31 ice-cream flavors. If you want to create curiosity around your custom logo design, you can go for the same approach while designing your business logo. 

Print-Ready Design

Digital mediums have given rise to advertising to a new level and your logo needs to be robust and print-ready for every surface. When you start to design your custom logo, you must think of different places where it can be used and pay close attention to its size. In simple words, your logo should look fantastic no matter how big or how small it appears upon the surface. 

Distinctive Design

One of the golden rules for designing a branding-ready logo is to seek uniqueness into it. There are numerous brands in your industry with already established public perception. And if you copy their logo idea, you’re not going to win the branding game at all. Your logo should be unique in terms of idea and design as well. 

Memorable Logo

In the initial stage of your professional journey, your company needs a professional logo design that can create a memorable image of your business. So, the next rule to have a perfect logo for your business is to add the element of memorability. The logo must be easy enough to be recognized by the customers when purchasing products similar to you (and they essentially choose you).

Brand Personality

Renault, BMW, and Ford all have a similar characteristic in their logo – they offer an elegant feeling. Their logos communicate the brand’s personality and fulfill its core objective to create a positive image in the eyes of the end consumer. When you design a business logo, you must follow this same rule and have a custom logo design that communicates your brand personality, too. 

Comment below and let us know what rule did you follow while working on your custom logo design? 

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