3 Apps Using Internet of Things

How about apps those tell you if your child is opening the fridge in the middle of the night to eat chocolates? Or an app that tells you when an employee is opening the office beer fridge? The possibilities of apps using IoT are endless. However, if you think IoT is still a thing of the future, you are mistaken. Apps using IoT are already there!

Apps Using Internet of Things

In case you are unaware about what IoT is, here is a synopsis…

The “internet of things” and open source hardware and software is surely going to turn up some ingenious uses of smart devices- and these are going to arise from the next crop of entrepreneurs and niche start-ups. They will have the freedom to play with IoT systems and devices, and their only limits will be themselves.

Apps Using IoT

The Varied Uses

Wouldn’t it be crazy and absurd to have an app that tell you when it’s your bathing time or one that tells it’s time to send your children to school? Well, much of these would not be necessary but you cannot ignore the importance of an app that warns you if you left the food in the oven and forgot.

What developers really love to create is something of their own. The Philips Hue Bulb or even the Nest Thermostat+ are apps connected to a device. These are early settlers and forerunners which have paved the way satisfying the appetite of early adopter developers in the world. They have provided the first fairly easy, fun and usable experience for developing “Internet of Things with one device. Take for example the startuprelayr that is producing a starter kit for app developers to help them use IoT, named the Wunderbar. The kit aims to help app developers connect to sensors without wires and offers varied tutorials and videos.

Getting back to the point though, here are some apps that use IoT today:

  • Toymail: Toymail is a cute toy that lets parents send messages to their children. Kids say funny things and this app make it possible to capture ore of those moments. You simply record a voice message using the Toy mail app from your smartphone, hit send and their mailmen toys will speak them back in a funny voice. When the mailmen get a message, kids can reply to the sender directly from their toys. The Toymail app is designed for use with the Wi-Fi enabled Mailmen new breed of soft toys that connect wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi network to receive messages anytime, from anywhere in the world.
  • Smart Road App: Intelligent Highways with warning messages and diversions according to climatic conditions in areas where the climate is highly unpredictable? The road helps avoid unexpected events such as accidents or traffic jams can be foreseen and can prove to be of great help to people.
  • Supply Chain Control: Monitoring of storage conditions with respect to the supply chain and product tracking for traceability purposes. This would significantly reduce the thefts that take place during such transportation of material and also reduce the misuse by the packers and suppliers during the time of delivery of goods.


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