Internet of Things App Ideas – The New Way!

The internet of things is a big idea. This technology will aid in connecting a wide array of smart devices that are fitted with sensors to a local network. All the data collected from the devices is thoroughly analyzed and desired action is taken. The sole purpose of the system is to bridge the gap between the digital world and the physical one.

Internet of Things

Cisco, the global leader in the networking equipment sector, predicts that the networking equipments will grow fivefold to 50 billion in the year 2050. For app entrepreneurs from across the globe this is a new field of development. Cisco has renamed the technology as “The Internet of Everything”. This market is expected to generate $14.4 trillion in the next ten years.

On the other hand, Engineering Giant GE calls it the “Industrial Internet”. From heart monitors to Airplanes, the company is installing sophisticated sensors on all its industrial products. This innovation will allow users to analyze the performance of equipments and know their state of repairs. In this way, machinery will be fixed before they break. CEO of General Electric also believes that performance enhancements and increased durability will help customers save billions of dollars.

All this clearly shows how Internet of things can alter the way in which gadgets are used. In other words, it is the next big thing in the world of technology. So, what does it mean for application developers? It simply means new opportunities of creating supporting applications that are connected with devices. As these devices are capable of storing data for users to assess, wouldn’t it be great to get data right on the smartphone irrespective of the location of the user?

The Complexities At Hand
The question is how much ingeniousness we are going to see, especially as developers use open source hardware and software increasingly.

The question developers’ face is a bit different. Developers have a bigger issue at hand, even if they want to create newer products and app using Internet of Things. The question is, have hardware developers created devices for Internet of Things to help app developers carry out their jobs satisfactorily? App developers have to face a lot of issues with the current hardware.

While admittedly the programming world is messy too and unclean language can have a poorly performing app, the use of HTML5 is helping make apps a whole lot easier for app developers. The best part about using HTML5 is that it helps app makers to develop cross device apps, something that’s essential when developing apps for Internet of Things.

What’s Good?
App developers are slowly getting onto the bandwagon, letting the difficulties go behind them and developing for the Internet of Things with one device. Some of the apps that you can check out are The Nest Thermostat + Protect, Philips Hue Bulb and The Withings Scale. The above three apps tell us about the massive potential Internet of Things can have in the app economy in the next few years.


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