Top Technology Trends Creating A Buzz In The Indian Education Sector

Technology is one of the greatest assets of mankind. It not only enables us to do things that seem impossible but it has made our lives much easier. For instance, with the help of innovations like the internet and mobile devices you can instantly and seamlessly connect with anyone around the world. However, this is just one field. Technology is greatly impacting different areas like business, communications, retail, transportation, amongst others.

While technology seems to penetrate into every sphere of our lives the most significant impact that we are seeing is in the field of education. We are witnessing a lot of developments in this space, especially in the Indian education sector. Traditional education institutions are not only integrating new technology to facilitate better learning but many Edtech companies are also on the rise. These new companies are further developing superior solutions to impart knowledge as well as boost students studying capabilities.

All in all, it looks like we have come a long way where education is not just limited to the four walls of a classroom or just to the books. Many are in fact leaning more towards technology to redesign content and deliver better experiences. If you look at the current scenario we are already seeing a lot of digitally-enabled classrooms, e-books, online tests and evaluation, cloud-based content and more. As technology is equipping educators and students with a brighter future, let’s look at some of the top digital trends in education.

Smartphones And The Development of Educational Apps

If you look at the world today, smartphones are everywhere. Almost every individual owns this device and they use it on a daily basis. As a result of its huge popularity, many institutions and Edtech companies are capitalizing on this opportunity to use this medium to share useful knowledge and information. Additionally, with the development of educational apps, learning has become much easier as materials are readily available and a lot of educational content can be accessed instantly at the click of a button. To give you a better perspective, if you are searching for study materials or solutions on how to crack IIT Main Exam 2020 then you can download the exam preparation apps on your phone and get access to a lot of study materials and useful tips from the experts. Amidst all these, mLearning or mobile learning (as it is being called) is being adopted by many students.

Personalized Learning

Digital devices are creating new ways to deliver education and they are catering to many aspects of the academic potential of the students. Besides, learning is becoming more personalized. Today many educators are offering devices such as laptops and tablets which are further enabling students to learn their material more efficiently. On a side note, this form of education is also allowing students to be equipped with technical skills which will probably be beneficial in the future.

Video and Game-Based Learning

Learning through videos and games are quickly becoming popular among all categories of students. One of the main reasons is that these forms of learning are more engaging where students can explore more and at the same time remain entertained. Students also develop better creativity and overall they will have a fun learning experience rather than just reading the books line by line. Game-based learning or gamification is further helping students become more involved in the learning process. It is enabling them to understand the content better and also perform excellently in the exams.

Online Education

Thanks to the internet, online learning is quickly becoming the preferred choice of education for many students. If you browse through the web you will find a lot of online education providers. Their sheer number states that there is some interest in this field. It is more popular among aspirants who are aiming to sit for competitive exams like IIT JEE 2020, NEET, etc. Besides, the lure of online education seems to be getting stronger and stronger. This could be mainly because it is offering a lot of benefits to those who take up such programs. It helps in self-paced learning, you can access a wide variety of refined learning materials, choose your desired course, it is comparatively cheaper and you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Immersive Learning Through Virtual and Augmented Reality

It has been several years since Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies were introduced in the market. Now, these two tech innovations have been refined remarkably and they are quickly becoming more prominent in the education space. The main highlight of these forms of technology is that they are helping students to learn in a more immersive manner. They can directly interact with the study material while teachers can maintain high levels of engagement. These technologies will be crucial in delivering high-fidelity educational experiences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming more prominent in the education space. This technology is bringing in new and more efficient education tools and is carving out a path to completely change the future of education. While AI educational solutions continue to mature it will fill the gap in learning and teaching. How? Well, there are possibilities of things like automated grading and administrative tasks, AI-driven assessment, remote exams, augmented analytics, adaptive learning, and more.

With all these developments taking place in the education sector, it looks like the future of education will be an interesting one. Going forward, as technology continues to evolve we will see more and more trends come up that will yet again create bigger disruptions in this field.




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