Love Creating Apps? Here Are The Things To Be Beware Of!

You love coding and have all the coding experience. The world of apps then happened and you just love creating apps. It might have started by creating apps for fun and then you realized you could make loads of money from it so you figured why not create app, after app? The world of apps is about production first and then the market comes, right? Not all the time. Sometimes the market doesn’t come because when you turn fun into a business there are so many elements to consider.

Things To Consider Before Creating App

Being Human

Apps are great. What’s their importance if they have all the back – end amazing coding that any developer has ever come up with? It’s nothing but techy savviness if it doesn’t have the human side to it. Users don’t really care about the back – end of an app as long as it meets their needs and does so in an appealing way. The look and feel of your app as well as the way users can relate to it should be more important to you than just the coding along. Creativity is essential to making the app more than what you imagine it in your head. Core functionality is important but won’t help if the app’s UI look will turn users off and move on to the next one before they have even tried yours.

Cost of Developing App

Developing apps without a rough idea of cost can only result in you eating away at your savings bit by bit until it’s no longer sustainable and you end up leaving the app unfinished. It will cost money to put the app onto app stores. It will cost even more money to promote it and create basic awareness around its existence. Once in stores it will cost you more dollars to fix the bugs that result in crashes.

Love Creating Apps

Failure to price the app well could mean a huge uptake of the app once in stores but less revenue returns, which can only mean more money out of your own pocket to do upgrades of the app. Failure to do that, could eventually mean losing the app user base you had and it’s back to square zero again.

Development Phases of Mobile App

When creating an app for fun, there’s no need for a plan on what to do first, what follows next, etc. When it’s become a business, there needs to be a plan, phases on what to do next and so on. Having the equivalent of a business plan is not a want but a need in order to achieve success. If you can manage to break your project into phases and be disciplined enough to go through with it, go back again and again to effect changes, then you might be safe from failure.


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