Marketing And eCommerce Apps – A New Genre

Marketing and eCommerce applications for the mobile platform have been creating a buzz from quite a while now. eCommerce websites allowed customers to buy anything ranging from clothes, watches and jewelry to electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops. With the advent of the smartphones running on the Android and iOS platforms, it has become convenient for companies to intrude into the personal domain of consumers.

Elements of A Great App
Marketing and eCommerce applications have given business units great impetus. With the help of these apps not only online portals but also brands can help establish their mettle in the market. However, there are a few things that app entrepreneurs must bear in mind before exploring this new genre.

  • Security: Utmost priority should be given to security as customers make online payments. Any kind of a technical glitch will expose sensitive information that in turn might be misused.
  • Don’t let your customers wait: eCommerce applications cannot afford to run slow. It would be great to have an application hosted on the cloud instead of a conventional server.
  • A great design: A great application design can change the fortune of your online store. An intuitive design will make people visit the app more often and a great user interface will ensure they experience no issues while shopping.
  • Multi-lingual support: It would be good to have support for multiple languages for people of diverse backgrounds. This will encourage people to indulge on shopping on their device.
  • Fantastic support: It is essential to have a dedicated support staff to solve customers’ technical and non-technical queries. Chat, email and telephonic support are a must have in an eCommerce application.

How Profitable Is It?
Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could buy stuff on the go rather than wait to get on a computer? An eCommerce application developed by sumatosoft could help you achieve exactly that. Consumers love to be pampered. According to recent statistics 65% of smartphone users indulge in mobile shopping and applications account for a majority of that. It is worth mentioning that just 1 out of 5 users used to shop on their smartphone by November 2012.

This goes on to show how important it has become to have a marketing and eCommerce application that is compatible with multiple platforms. It is calculated that sales initiated through mobiles will increase by over 30% by 2018. As more people are being hooked onto their mobiles, app entrepreneurs shouldn’t miss out on this and tap its potential. This kind of an application will help you stand out and ensure greater profits in the years to come.


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