How To Make an App Like Temple Run?

Imangi Studios developed a popular running game, Temple Run, which was (and still s) loved by millions of people. The game has made about $100,000 in the year after the launch. Here, we take a look into how you can make an app as successful as Temple Run (and rake in the profits too).

App Like Temple Run

The Backdrop
Imangi Studios was founded by Kevin Shepard and Natalia Luckyanova. The couple has successfully made some high quality apps apart from Temple Run. What stuck for Temple Run was that the game resonated with the players.

Pro Developer Tip:
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To make an app like Temple run, app creators can follow some tips stated below:

  • Keeping a focus on creating fun games is very important. It should be quick, causal and have an interesting story line which is easy to understand. Implementing natural and intuitive controls are also important. One should work with the controls in the extreme to get the best. Intuitive controls fit really well with the lifestyle of people. Moreover, simple controls in Temple Run helped the users to play the game with one hand, so users ease has to be there as well. Temple run 2 became more successful and it was a treat for the users as the game was more challenging and had high quality graphics, where missions kept it more challenging and interesting for the user.
  • The character walks around and makes a 90 degree turn. As developers, think of the character navigating the game. To make an app like Temple Run make emphasis on the character. Create ‘tension’ in the game and make the chase more interesting. In Temple Run for instance, the reason of running was stealing a sacred idol. Demon monkeys chase the character, making it challenging for the character to run.
  • Do not forget to implement slide and tilt controls, jumps and obstacles. You can be more creative and add elements like lava or fire. App creators must add energy bar which will keep the energy high of the runner and eliminate fatigue. On the whole, the game stages must be intense and satisfying for the user.
  • App creators should keep trying different things and experimenting as well. Think Despicable Minion 2. Think Subway Surfers. Or think of the tons of other similar games that met with not-such-a-good-fate and you will realize what you need to do to get it right. Unfortunately, the problem lies in the fact that you either get it right, or you don’t!

High quality fun games are more popular and keeping this in mind, the app creators can bring something unique to allure the users with their game app.


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