Urban Cloud – The Pros And Cons

Cloud computing is a growing trend, evolving like never before. It is definitely beneficial for small to large companies, but it comes with its downsides. So, are you thinking of designing a cloud based app? Here are the things you should keep in mind then.


Cost Efficient
Cloud computing is believably the most economical method to use, maintain and upgrade. In terms of money, the conventional desktop software costs a lot. The cloud is available on very cheap rates and thus, can reduce a company’s IT expenses considerably. There are also a number of one-time payments, pay as you go and other options available, which make the cloud services very reasonable.

Reduces Time Wastage
Since cloud services are contained on virtual servers and can easily shift between the physical machines of the provider, it is easy for outside experts to manage any disruptions. Also it also reduces the time members lose in case their own servers crash.

Easy Access to Data and Ease of Expansion
Data can be easily accessed anywhere on any smart device. A lot of cloud services charge on a single user basis as there is a lot of small organizations that only need a few accounts. In such cases, users know exactly how much they will be paying for the services they use and can budget accordingly.

Some cloud services are even more secure than systems that are managed personally. Very few non profit organizations have a security expert as part of their staff, while on the other hand cloud services have a number of people whose only job is to keep the data safe.

Conserving Time
In small non-profit companies, most of the staff already has their days filled with a number of things to do. Using cloud services gives the staff more time to work on software and processes rather than dealing with hardware problems.


Users Don’t Have Control
Even if users are not directly managing the servers, they still have responsibility for their data. It is important to choose the cloud service carefully and it is recommended to ask to ask to see a certification of the cloud’s security, maintenance practices and backups. It is important to make sure that you will still own the information if the service goes out of business and that you have the liberty to take it back whenever you wish to.

Availability and Accessibility
The availability of cloud services and applications is strictly dependent on the internet connection. It is still in the initial stages of development in comparison to dedicated computer systems. Also, usually a monthly or annual license fee is required to gain access to a web based cloud server. These costs may also increase on the basis of the amount of data space needed. Large files also depend upon large amounts of bandwidth in order to conduct storage utilization and web based services.

Server Problems
As is the case with all web based system, cloud servers can unexpectedly go down for a short duration of time, and this in turn could lead to loss of work time, especially for organizations that are highly dependent on data.


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