iOS 8 – What’s New and Good?

iOS 8 has been finally announced by Apple at the WWDC 2014.  Tim Cook announced a slew of new announcements for all Apple fans. The event, which was aired live through the Apple site, also introduced the new Mac OS Yosemite.

iOS 8

However, its iOS 8 we are dealing with here. While you might have to wait for it a bit longer before getting to grab it in your iPad and iPhone, here is a look at what the iOS 8 has to offer.

Use of Context
Apple is seriously investing in the context technology, as much as Google. With the iOS 8, the app store gets a lot more intuitive. Now you cannot just schedule a download later, the app store remembers your music suggestions and your tastes as well. So, you will have customized suggestions in the iTunes Radio and Music Store previews.

Mail – Now More Customized
If you are one who has to send a lot of mails from their iOS device, this is one feature that you will love. You can delete messages through long swipe. Your mail will also fetch all related messages in the conversation to help you view related messaged. No more searching through the mailbox for ages!

What You Need – and What You Don’t!
Noticing your iOS device battery falling down by the minutes? Understand what and which apps are causing the battery drain and enhance your iPhone battery life. Normally, game apps are the culprit, but then we shouldn’t be prejudiced right? Especially when we know what’s using the battery for sure?

Better Safari and Better Notifications
No need to go to your settings for customization. The notification tab has undergone a makeover and now you can operate the notification center with simple swipes. The Safari too has undergone a change and now can easily go to the desktop version of any site. What’s more, the upper tab bar has become more concise as Apple has tried to make Safari look more compact – a welcome feature as most of us use Safari when on an iOS device.

Intuitive camera controls
Apple has tweaked around with the camera a bit and now you can actually tweak your exposure level manually. Knowing the exposure level will help you get the amount of light you need in the photo. There are timers also for the selfie loving generation.

Personalized Sare Sheets
iOS 8 sare sheets are totally customizable and you can put the important ones right up front although the sare sheets do retain the flavor of iOS 6 still.

Location-Based Lock Screen Notifications
Another use of context technology, Apple has made use of location based lock screen notifications. Now, you can have suggestions right on your lock screen according to your location. So, if you walk into a Starbucks store, your lock screen will display a tiny icon which when clicked will help you make a purchase directly from the star bucks store. Quite cool, eh?

So, what do you as a developer and user think the iOS 8 stands apart for? Do let us know.


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