Improve Your App Website’s User Experience in 3 Steps

If you are like most people, you are a mobile app lover. Most of us have several apps on our mobile phones and use them frequently. In fact, the average person is using dozens of mobile apps each and every month. These range from apps to entertain us, apps to give us news, apps to keep us healthy and so many others.

However, all apps and sites aren’t created equally. There are some apps out there that are an absolute joy to use, while others are a nightmare. The user experience a person has while using an app is incredibly important for a number of reasons. Because of this, all app developers should be focused on delivering a good user experience.

But how do you do that? What things can you do to improve the user experience of your app? If that is a question you frequently ask yourself, you’re in luck. Without any further ado, this blog post is going to look at a few different ways to improve the user experience of your app.

Improve The Loading Speeds

One of the most annoying things about many apps and websites is how slow they load. Many take forever to start up, and going from page to page can seemingly take forever. Not only is this upsetting to users, but it can actually cause people to leave your app for competitors. If you want to improve your user experience, you should ensure your apps loading times are short.

Ways that you can go about improving loading speeds include using a load balancer, getting a better server, and optimizing images, videos and other content. Also, instead of just manually tracking these speeds (which can be cumbersome), consider using a tool to automatically monitor page speeds. If you are interested in this or learning more, you can find more information on workflow rules on Pingdom crm’s help pages here.

Keep The Design Simple And Consistent

When people use an app or specific site, they do it with a purpose in mind. While creative or funky app designs can look good and appeal to some, it can also be an obstacle for people just looking to use your app. As a result, it is often a better idea to keep the design of your app simple. A minimalistic design that still has color or personality can go a long way in making your app more usable.

user experience of app website

However, different apps will likely have different designs. For example, the design of an app that targets artists or designers will likely be different than one aimed at accountants or financial-sector employees. This is totally okay and it’s a good idea to speak directly to your users and audience and see what sort of design they would prefer.

In addition to having a simple design that speaks to your target, also be sure to stay consistent. The design of each page within your app should be similar to the last. If each page is incredibly different, users may get a little confused as to why. This doesn’t mean they all have to be boring and the same, but stick to the same style and color scheme to maintain consistency.

Increase The Efficiency of Navigation

Every app needs to feature some sort of navigation menu. Going from one page to another is required in most apps. Navigating through your app should be clear and easy, and should be incredibly quick, as well. Unfortunately, many apps have clunky, laggy or confusing navigation menus. This can lead to people getting frustrated and abandoning your app.

Most of the time, a simple drop down menu or navigation toolbar is often the way to go. If you try and get too creative or “out there” with how users navigate within your app, it could negatively affect user experience. In addition to clear and easy-to-understand navigation, your app should also have a solid search feature. It should be easy to use, but also comes with advanced features to help users find exactly what they’re looking for.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you improve the user experience of your app or website.


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