5 Effective Ways to Increase Real Followers to Your Instagram Handle

Are you lacking real followers to your Instagram handle and willing to have a lot of fresh followers for promoting your brand? Well, as per Forbes, even the big brands are seeing opportunities to use Instagram for their business apart from sharing landscapes.

So, will you hesitate to take the chances for your brand by just using Instagram?

If you want your brand to provide a stellar performance, at least you need 10000 active audiences on Instagram. You can consider it as the first milestone in social media that almost every user dreamt to have in order to prove that they have the real potential to get a tag of social media influencer in any specific niche.  

However, many Instagram users try to purchase followers to build a massive audience for their brand so that it can take less time to make a good audience base. But sometimes, purchasing followers can’t help much as it can lead to poor quality of traffic engagement. For instance, you have achieved a very good traffic base to your Instagram feed but what if they are less interested in your business segment?

So, here in such circumstances, despite having a good traffic base, the ratio of conversions of sales won’t match your expectation. But instead of buying followers, if you can try to grow your audience in a natural and conventional way, it will help your online business to grow with the followers who are really interested in what you are selling. Below are the 5 effective ways to increase real followers to your Instagram handle with which you can give a boost to your online business for sure.

Optimize Your Instagram Handle

Before you figure out how to get real followers to your Instagram handle, you should optimize your account as it is one of the most crucial steps for the online business to grow effectively. Write down a suitable bio for your brand and put it on the homepage of your Instagram account. You can even make promotions by providing your link to other profiles with the same niche you are interested in.

However, having a bio is the first step of portraying your brand identity to the active audience on Instagram as without a proper bio, captions, and profile image how will people know that does account actually belongs to you?  Therefore, optimizing your Instagram account is very much essential in gaining real followers.

Keep a Consistency in Posting

If you really want to use your followers on Instagram, you have to be consistent in posting. If you lack consistency in posting, your followers may lack interest in viewing your posts. But keep in mind that regular posting doesn’t mean that you can post anything and everything on Instagram. You have to post some interesting stuff to your feed that is really related to your niche so that the people can get attracted to view all of your posts.

Although even only consistency is not enough, you have to consider the schedule of posting as well. Therefore, you can do some research to know the best time for posting the contents on Instagram for the segment you are working with so that you can gain the best engagement with the audience.  

Find Your Voice by Using Analytics

Have you been posting content since long back but still not getting enough engagement with your audience? Change the tone of your content and try to know what your audience prefers to see. Here in such circumstances, you can use analytics to understand what type of your posts are getting acceptance from your followers and what type of posts are getting rejected.

With these analytics, you can change the tone of your content as per your audience so that it can reach the maximum number of people and you can get Instagram followers fast as per your expectation.

Promote Your Instagram Handle with Other Networks

Promoting your IG account with another network is one of the effective ways to get a boost in getting fresh followers on Instagram. Therefore, if you are following some accounts in the same niche that have a good fan base, let the followers know that you are also having a brand in the same niche.

Once you apply this, the followers may gain interest to land on your account as well and can compare the stuff that they have seen or purchased in the very recent time. Here you can easily gain a good base of the audience without having wasted much time.

Make the Giants Your Partner

Always keep in mind that the larger your followers will be, the more buyers you will get. Therefore, you can target the giants or the influencers in the same niche you are working with. Once you have identified the giants, now you can try to connect them by offering a good deal so that they can share their fan base with you.

This is indeed the easiest and organic way to increase real followers on Instagram. Although, here in such scenarios, you may have to do some compromises in sharing the revenues. But in the long run, you will not regret making the giants as your partner as you are gaining a good base of followers on your own Instagram account.


Finally, as you have finished reading the article, you are much better ready to grow the real followers for your Instagram handle without wasting a single hard-earned penny. See, there are more ways that you can use to grow your audience at a faster rate, but using the conventional and organic methods are more reliable than the other available ways.

It not only helps you to gain your followers but will add real followers to your Instagram handle so that your business can be benefited out of it. Apply the aforementioned effective ways so that you can achieve the milestone you have dreamt of and enjoy a stellar performance of your brand as well.



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