Creative Ways To Promote Your App Free

There are many ways to promote your app without spending anything. Many people are of the opinion that mobile apps get downloaded instantly millions of times just a few days from their launch.

Quite simply, app entrepreneurs need to rethink on this.

Like any other trade, business, website or idea, you also need to have a stunning marketing strategy to promote your amazing new mobile app if you would like that to be downloaded. You can initiate your marketing promotion for cheap which will attract general public and generate revenue simultaneously.

Procedure 1: Take help of Twitter
Twitter is not only a free source – it can provide you with a direct link to the people in your industry. Make a Twitter account for promoting your app, discover the movers and shakers in your business, and try to build a connection.

Procedure 2: Create a Website or Blog for Your App
Make a list of the places you can blog. WordPress or Google’s Blogger for instance, are some good options. Blogger gives you an accurate place to host a free website and you can spread this link to anyone who demands more information about your app. various patterns and Landing Pages for your apps are also useful to make people aware of what you are offering.

Procedure 3: Build a Teaser Website or Micro Site
Creating a teaser website a month before the launch can help you collect email addresses who will be interested to know when you will launch the app. Micro site can showcase the app in one or two page to the web audience.

Procedure 4: Take Assistance from Mobile App Review Websites
There are plenty of review websites that really not doing anything but write down reviews about cool new apps. A few sites may charge you for the app review so it can be quickly tracked, but there are a lot of others that will do it for free.

Procedure 5: Guest Post Is An Awesome Way!!
Plenty of blogs welcome guest posts. This is the best way to write your own review and is still amazing, because if any link is directed to your website you will wind up with much more traffic, more integrity, and ultimately all of that will be equal to more downloads.

Procedure 6: Social Media or Facebook
Tell your friends or your social contacts without any hesitation. While you do not want to overdo it as it might then seem pester some, creating Facebook Pages for instance can help greatly. Do not forget to post your app video on Facebook too.

If your app is interesting enough (and is marketed wisely), expect it to go viral online. All you need is some innovation, creativity and the zeal of succeeding that will take you down to the path of success.


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