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5 Mistakes To Avoid During App Marketing

5 Mistakes to Avoid

By just making an application, you cannot get users to download it and make money. Applications have got into users’ personal space thanks to their unmatched functionality and ease of use. This has made applications the perfect platform to advertise and earn revenue. However, it is very easy to make mistakes while creating an application. Here are the top 5 mistakes made by developers during the process of application development:

  1. Treating the application like a website: While most applications offer the same functionality as the website, the experience greatly differs. Being an application developer, you should understand that both the platforms should be treated differently. Also, you should see to it that the application should have limited features that really matter to the user. Packing way too many features deteriorates the experience and makes it confusing to use.
  2. Complicating the user interface: In the race to stand out of the competition and make a mark in the highly competitive market, developers tend to over complicate their application. An application which has an intuitive and easy to operate user interface, will be preferred by users. Which user would want to read the user manual before using each feature?
  3. Cross-platform applications: Although creating an application that is supported on multiple platforms is a great way to gain popularity, it can turn counter-productive as the cost of developing such apps will be sky high. What if your application isn’t good enough and doesn’t get enough number of downloads to keep you alive in the market? That would mean a huge loss even before you start making profits.
  4. Failing to update the application: In order to keep the users interest in your application, it is necessary to update it by adding new features and rectifying errors. Users are most likely to abandon your application quickly, when they don’t find the features that they want. According to recent statistics, 90 % of the smartphone users remove the app within 6 months. Do you think that your application is able to meet the taste of users? If not, it’s time to update it.
  5. Imitating a popular platform’s look: Many application developers feel that making the app look similar to a popular smartphone platform’s UI, will give it the X factor. Although it might look cool, users faithful to a particular brand will have something to complain about. Furthermore, it will eliminate the exclusivity of the application and make it look just like any other application in the market with a slightly different functionality.

So, thinking of working on your next project? You don’t want to commit the common mistakes! Before beginning to work on an application or an updated version of an already existing one, do check that you do things right this time!

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