Content Strategy For 2018: Bloggers Read it and Get Started

“Baby, I am addicted, I am out of control, You are that drug that keeps me from dying.” Ever heard this song? Beautiful, isn’t it? Blogging is like a drug, the more you do, the more addicted you become. So are you a blog addict? If yes, then my friend you don’t need any rehab center to get cured. This drug can improve your financial disease. Writing is all about passion. But, writing what you like is not how blogging works. Writing what others like or others want is something that makes your survival prominent in the blogging world. Cyberworld is flooded with blogs, one topic and endless posts on the same.

You might have read blogs telling write only on the subjects that interest you, that you can connect to, for making it the best you can. Well, bullshit!!! I know, by now you would have your gun ready to shoot me at sight. Please hold the fire!!! Have you ever studied economics? A boring subject I know, but it taught a very relatable theory of demand and supply. Supply should be high only when the demand is high or else it is going to lessen the demand even more. Now, how is this even relevant to stopping you from the trends that you like? If you are writing for your own satisfaction and happiness, go on. If you are considering blogging as your potential career than my friend follows the demand and supply theory way too much seriousness.

To retain readers and make them applaud your content, give them exactly what interests them. Something that can compel them to react oh really, wow, I didn’t know that, or simply put a smile on their face, or a hard laugh and uncontrollable feeling to share it with others. This is not enough, all this should be done according to the content strategy influencing the market. So, are you aware of the upcoming trends, you should be following as a blogger? If not, read ahead.

Content Strategy For 2018 for Bloggers

1) Be Topic Gig and Write Big

There are some trends that might not get into your head, they will leave you goofing around, why. Writing big is one such blogging trend. There cannot be any specific answer to how long, it is topic specific. If you are covering anyhow to blog or tutorial or tips, then long blogs will generally entice readers. Small details portrayed in an informative yet interesting way is what a blogger should be focusing on. 2018 is all about the digital boom, the world is at the outset of internet savvy people. More and more people are turning to the internet to get an answer to all the queries they have. What is this? How can this be done? Where will I find this? The internet has all the answers. So, get ready to answer them in a detailed manner with a prolonged length.

Content Strategy For 2018 for Bloggers

 2) Tale to Tell

I know that sounds pretty grandpa style, but that’s what hook you. I know we are in a developed and trendy world, but the craze of storytelling never comes to an end. Take the example of the mobile app development these days like Instagram, it has a story feature added, even Whatsapp has story feature added. Take any event, stories will be a part of it, a dinner at a friend’s place, a date, a campfire, traveling, family gatherings and what not. So, frame your blogs as a story and readers will connect to it.

3) Visual Aid

2018 is a visual-driven era and this has to be integrated with the blogging as well. You frame an enticing content, but when you showcase it in a video format, people are more likely to engage with it. You can always interpret your writing skills in video format. There is set of audience who would prefer information being served in both formats. Say for example you are looking for a cooking recipe, instead of reading an article, you would prefer opening YouTube and watch the video with description. So, you better start following it.

 4) Graphics and Images

Readers want beauty to get captivated. Charts, graphs, images make the readers understand data in a better manner. Time is something people are always running short of. So, instead of reading an entire article to get details, they will prefer an image to get the same detail with just a glance.



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